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If I Were The Principal Of My School Short Essay

If I were the principal of my school I would bring about many changes in the system of running the school. Most the ways, rules and regulations have become outdated and need changes. We have a load of work for the students and hardly have they found time to play.

The school starts in the morning with assembly and much time is wasted there. If I become the principal I would stop all those long lectures about discipline and hard work. I would encourage the students to share their thoughts and experiences with their schoolmates and the teachers could guide the students with their comments on what they share with them. I would tell the students short stories with a moral in them so that they could learn some good values without undergoing the burden of the tedious lectures.

As the session begins, I would see to it that all the difficult subjects are not taught one after the other. Science should be followed by English and not by Maths. Sometimes the principals of schools have a poor knowledge of what students like and they thrust a lot down their throats without caring that they are not always receptive.

I would encourage a lot of sports and extra curricular activities like drama, music, painting, creative writing, clay modeling, photography, horse riding, swimming, dancing, etc. This would keep the students interested in coming to school and they would enjoy their long hours of stay in school. When there are so many interesting activities for the students, they remain happy and their mind is able to absorb the lessons from the most difficult subjects with greater case.

Promoting a greater degree of personal interaction between the students and teachers, thus creating a friendly atmosphere in the classroom, is a must these days. Teachers would be friends with the students and this could help to eradicate any fear that the students may have in their mind with regard to their teacher. This again would improve the working and learning atmosphere in the school.

As a principal I would do my best to lead my school towards honours in academics, sports, social and cultural activities.


A school is a centre of learning. It is headed by a Principal. He has full powers to manage the school with the help of teachers. He is responsible for creating a healthy academic atmosphere in the school. He has to maintain discipline. By setting an example of his own behaviour, he inculcates the qualities of head and heart among the students of his school.

The Principal of a school is not an ordinary person. He is highly educated. He has long years of teaching experience. He is an able administrator. He occupies a pivotal position in the school. Teachers look up to him for professional guidance. Students regard him as their friend, philosopher and guide. He acts as a bridge between the teachers and the students. He is respected by both. He is, therefore, in a better position to ensure the intellectual and physical development of the students of his school.

If I become the Principal of my school, I shall spare no effort to become an ideal Principal. I shall try my best to make my school a model school. I shall see that everything is done in my school in a most systematic and scientific manner. Procedures will be simplified to cut down delays and reduce paper work. Stress will be laid on efficiency and economy in the management of the school. My aim shall be to provide an environment in which students can achieve all- round development of their personalities.

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First of all, I shall focus my attention on teachers. I shall see that only those persons are appointed as teachers who are well-qualified. They should not only possess high educational qualifications but should also be imbued with a missionary spirit to teach the students and serve the cause of education. People who lack motivation or are not educationally well-equipped are not fit to enter this noble profession.

I shall impress upon the teachers to be punctual and take their classes regularly. They should give home task to the students daily and check it regularly to enable them to know their deficiencies, if any. They will be asked to arrange extra classes for weak students.

I would like teachers to establish a rapport with the parents of students to know whether students have a congenial atmosphere to study at home. Parent- teacher meetings will be held periodically to keep a watch on the progress of students in various subjects.

As far as the students are concerned, I shall give top priority to the built of a sense of discipline among them. To ensure this, teachers will themselves have to observe discipline. Discipline means obedience to rules and regulations.

In India, people in general and students in particular lack a sense discipline. In our day-to-day life, we see people jumping queues, cross’ roads in spite of a red signal, plucking flowers from a public park, play games right on a busy lane, blowing horns near a hospital, playing radii television in high volume, etc.

The students resort to strikes at the slightest excuse. They indulge in of rowdy’s to air their grievances. They hardly realise that the students today are the citizens of tomorrow. Neither any student nor any teacher will allow to come late or miss any class.

I shall ask my students to read the history of our freedom struggle age: the British rulers so that they know the great sacrifices made by their foreface for Independence. This will kindle the spirit of nationalism in the stud Students will be made aware of the role played in the Freedom Movement national leaders and heroes like Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi, Lokmanya Ti Mahatma Gandhi, Lala Lajpat Rai, Subhas Chandra Bose, Sardar Bhagat Sir Pt. Jawahar Lai Nehru, etc. They will also be encouraged to study the life teachings of religious saints and prophets like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lo Buddha, Lord Mahavira, Prophet Mohammad, Jesus Christ, Zoroaster, G Nanak, etc.

Students will be asked to undergo physical training in the interest of the health. Participation in games will be made compulsory for all students; sound mind resides in a healthy body.

India is a country of many races, religions, castes and languages. It developed a composite culture, through unity in diversity. Students will make aware of their great cultural heritage.

I shall lay particular stress on moral education. Students will be taught acquire the virtues of honesty, non-violence, truth, religious tolerance compassion to enable them to enrich their lives.

I shall ask the students to take up hobbies particularly those which enable them to earn while they learn these hobbies are gardening, doll- makin ikebana, cooking, watch-repairing, repairing of radio, T. V. etc.

I shall see that my school is in the forefront in extra-curricular activities Groups of students will be asked to organize themselves into different society for arranging domestic tours, dramas, debates, scouting, mushairas, etc.

The students with an aptitude for social work will be encouraged to “adopt” a village or a slum area and develop it in all possible ways by organizing free medical camps, undertaking tree plantation, propagating family welfare schemes, etc. Those students who are unable to go out to villages can do social work in the localities in which they live by setting up adult education centres.

Last, but not the least, I will advise students to refrain from social evils like dowry, drinking, smoking, drug-addiction, etc.

Thus, if I get an opportunity to become the Principal of my school, I will introduce all these and other reforms for making my school a model institution in letter and spirit.