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Essay About Technology Simplifies Modern Life

At present people cannot imagine their lives without technology. It is very much a part of modern life, many people see technology however as having a detrimental effect on our lives, others see it as invaluable   to our way of life. In this essay the discussion shall be on the positive and negative effects technology has had on our   lives.
Our world is changing rapidly due to new technology constantly being introduced and improved . Not only does technology improve social well being, it provides us with access to almost any form of communication instantly. We are able to receive news, weather forecasts, and news on natural disasters before they hit. Before technology moving information from one place to another was extremely challenging . Websites like Twitter and Facebook   have given rise to a new concept in marketing   through social media .Facebook even allows you to find and communicate with old and new friends   where with older technology that simply wouldnt be possible. Thanks to email we can now send documents and mail easily and almost instantly instead of sending letters to respective destinations. Changing technology has also led to an increase in employment, due to the increasing need new and innovative technology places like Google, Facebook and Apple are employing more people than before. Encyclopedias and visiting libraries are now a thing of the past as information is quite literally at our fingertips, with search engines such as Google providing us with seemingly endless amounts of   information on almost any topic. Technology also lets to use our minds to their full potential. Education has improved as it has become so much easier to do academic research through easy access to television and internet.
Keeping all the above in mind the negative effects technology has had on the environment should also be considered. Genetically modified organisms or GMOs are claimed to have contributed to many cancerous infections. Oils and fumes from factories and...

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How Technology Simplifies Modern Life

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Indeed, unlike two or three decades ago, technology has today become intertwined with our lives. It is difficult to imagine of how life would be without technology. In this text, I explore how technology simplifies modern life.
How Technology Simplifies Modern Life
How would life be without technology? Although many are the times we take technology for granted, it is highly unlikely that life would continue being the same without technology (as we know it). For instance, refrigeration would cease being as convenient forcing us to go back to traditional refrigeration methods. Further, most of the gains made so far particularly in the medical field, i.e. in regard to laser eye surgery, would be rolled back.
To begin with, technology has made both local and international travel extremely easy. Today, thanks to technology, it would take me a few minutes to transit from one city to another using our superfast modern railway systems. Similarly, air travel has also become relatively fast due to advances in technology. This is more so the case given that unlike before, better and more advanced flight handling devices continue to make airport operations more efficient. For this reason, business people no longer have to contend with the traditional geographical barriers that acted as a hindrance to business a few decades ago.
Technology has also made things much easier in the education sector. In the words of Hope…

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