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A Football Match Short Essay Samples

Football is an outdoor game played using a football between the two opposing teams (having 11 players in each) by kicking the ball with foot in order to score goals.

Essay on Football

We have provided below various short and long essay on football game under various words limit in order to help students. Now-a-days, essays or paragraphs writing are common strategy in the schools and colleges followed by the teachers to enhance student’s writing skill and knowledge about any topic. All the football essay provided below are written using easy words and simple sentences. So, students can select any of the essays given below according to their need and requirement:

Football Essay 1 (100 words)

Football is a game played outdoor by the two teams. Each of the football team contains eleven players means total players in football match become 22. This game aims to make maximum goals by each team. The team with maximum goals is called as the winner team the one with less goals become loser. It is a game which played by kicking a ball with foot. This game is also called as soccer in some countries. There are various forms of the football such as association football (in UK), gridiron football, American football or Canadian football (in US and Canada), Australian rules football or rugby league (in Australia), Gaelic football (in Ireland), rugby football (in New Zealand), etc. Various forms of football are known as football codes.

Football Essay 2 (150 words)

Football is an outdoor game played by two teams having eleven players in each. This game is also known as soccer and played with a spherical ball. It has been estimated that it is played by around 250 million players over 150 countries which makes it a most popular game of the world. It is played on a rectangular field having a goal-post at each end. It is a competitive game generally played to win the game by any team or for entertainment and enjoyment. It provides physical benefits to the players in many ways as it is a best exercise. It is a most exciting and challenging game generally liked by everyone especially kids and children.

It is a team sport played between two teams aiming to score more goals by each team than other team by putting the ball in opposite goal-post. A team becomes the winner which scores maximum goals at the end of match.

Football Essay 3 (200 words)

Football is a most popular game of the world even in the modern time. It is a most exciting and challenging game generally played by two teams for the entertainment and enjoyment of the youths. It is also played on competition basis to win the prize in front of judges. Originally, it was played by the villagers (called as Rugby in Italy). According to some experts, it is said that it has its origin in China. It is played by two teams (eleven members in each) aiming to get maximum goals by each other. International contests of this game are played in the duration of 90 minutes (divided in two parts of 45 minutes each. Players take some break (not more than 15 minutes) between two halves of the game. This game is assisted by a referee and two linesmen (conducting the game).

Benefits of Playing Football

Playing football sport is a good physical exercise. It also provides various other benefits to the kids, children and youths including other age group people. It is generally played in the schools and colleges for the health benefits of the students. It helps in improving the student’s skill, concentration level and memory power. This is a game which makes a person physically, mentally and socially healthy and well being. It is a great source of entertainment which refreshes mind and body. It helps a person to tackle all the common problems of daily life.

Football Essay 4 (250 words)

Football is one of the most entertaining games of the world. It is played by the youths in various countries with full interest. It has two big aspects, one is health and other is financial. It makes a person physically, mentally and financially strong as this game has lots of health benefits with a nice career. Earlier, it was played in the western countries however, later it spread to all over the world. Football is a round shape rubber bladder (made inside with leather) tightly filled with air.

It is played by two teams having eleven players in each. It is played in a rectangular field of 110 meter long and 75 meter broad, properly marked with lines. Each team aims to make maximum goals by putting the ball in the opposite goal-post at the back end of each team. There is a goal-keeper, two half-backs, four backs, one left out, one right out, and two centre-forwards in the field for each team. It has some important rules which must be followed by each player while playing the game. It is started to be played from the centre and no one player is allowed to touch the ball with hands except the goal-keeper.

Importance of Football Game in India

Football is an outdoor game considered to be beneficial for both, players and spectators. It is a game of much importance in the India especially in Bengal. Crazy football players do all the efforts to win the football match. Strong will of the watchers and players of this game motivate them a lot to achieve the success in life. It makes people more enthusiastic and interested to play and watch the game. A football match attracts a huge crowd of eager and curious spectators from the nearby regions. It is a team game which teaches team spirit to all the players.

It is 90 minutes long game played with a little break in two parts of 45 minutes. It is a game which makes players physically, mentally, socially, intellectually and financially healthy and strong. This game has nice financial career so any student (much interested) can make his/her bright career in this field. Playing this game regularly keeps one healthy and fit all time.

Football Essay 5 (300 words)


Football game is very useful to all of us if played regularly. It benefits us in many ways. It is an interesting outdoor game played by two teams having 11 players in each. It is a game of good physical exercise which teaches players about harmony, discipline and sportsmanship. It is a popular game all over the world and played for years in various cities and towns of many countries.

Origin of Football Game

Historically, the football game has been 700-800 years old however became the world’s favorite game for more than 100 years. It was brought to the Britain by the Romans. It was first started playing in England in 1863. Football Association was formed in England as the first governing body to govern this sport. Earlier, people were playing it simply by kicking the ball with their foot which later became an interesting game. Slowly, this game got much popularity and started to be played with rules on a rectangular field which marked by the boundary lines and a centre line. It is not an expensive and also called as soccer. The Laws of this game were originally arranged in a systematic code by the Football Association, England in 1863 which is governed internationally by the FIFA. It organizes the FIFA World Cup after every four years.

Rules of Playing Football

Rules of playing the football game are officially called as Laws of the Game. There are almost 17 rules of playing this game under two teams:

  • It is played in a rectangular field with two long sides (touch lines) and two shorter sides (goal lines). It is played in a field divided by halfway line.
  • Football must be round in shape (made of leather) with 68-70 cm in circumference and filled with air.
  • It has two teams of 11 players in each. Once cannot start this game if any team has less than 7 players.
  • There should be a referee and 2 assistant referees to ensure the Laws of game. Assistant Referees.
  • This game is of 90 minutes duration with 2 halves of 45 minutes each. Interval should not exceed more than 15 minutes.
  • A ball becomes in play all time however becomes out of play whenever a team has scored a goal or referee has stopped the game.
  • There is a goal kick to restart the play after a goal is scored.


Football is a most popular game all over the world. It is an inexpensive game, played in almost all the countries with much interest. Players, who practice it regularly, get benefited in many ways. It provides lots of benefits to the physical and mental health.


Football Essay 6 (400 words)


Football is an extremely famous game which attracts people’s attention worldwide. It helps people to get relief from stress, teaches discipline and teamwork as well as brings fitness to the players and fans. It is the game of much interest, joy and wonder. It is played by kicking a ball with foot, so called as football game.

History of Football

Football is considered as an ancient Greek game called as harpaston. It was played in most similar way by kicking a ball with foot by the two teams. It was a rough and brutal game aimed to score goal by running or kicking the ball past the goal line. It was played without any specific limits filed size, number of players, side boundaries, etc. It is considered that it has its origin in twelfth. Later it became popular in England first and then its rules came into effect when it became a leading sport in schools in 1800s. Later, it was spread to the America. In the mid, it was ban especially in the schools because of the increasing brutality. However, it got legalized by committee in 1905 but still prohibited for rough play like locking arms, etc.

How to Play Football Game

Football is a popular game which keeps players healthy and disciplined. It develops their mind and team spirit and sense of tolerance among them. It is a game played for ninety minutes (in two halves of 45 minutes and 15 minutes break). This game has two teams of eleven players in each. Players have to kick a ball with their foot and take a goal by putting ball into the goalpost of the opponent team. In order to oppose the goal made by players of opponent team, there is a goalkeeper on each side. No one player is allowed to touch the ball with hand except the goal-keeper. A team having more goals got declared as the winner and other as loser. The game is conducted by a referee and two linesmen (one on each side). All the players are warned to strictly follow the rules while playing this game. It has been an international game and played as World Cup tournament every four years in different countries worldwide.

Benefits and Importance of Football

Playing football on regular basis provides numerous advantages to the player such as increases aerobic and anaerobic fitness, psychosocial benefits, enhances concentration level, improves fitness skills, etc. It benefits people of all ages. Following are its important benefits:

  • It makes a person more disciplined, calm and punctual.
  • It improves cardiovascular health as it involves running which engages the cardiovascular system a lot.
  • It motivates players for teamwork.
  • It improves the level of fitness skill. It helps in losing more body fat, gaining lean muscle, muscle strength, and improving the healthy habits throughout life.
  • It improves physical and mental strength.
  • It also provides psychological and social benefits by helping players to deal with disappointment, practice good sportsmanship, etc.
  • It improves confidence level and self-esteem by developing adaptability and quick thinking among players.
  • Playing football reduces depression by developing positive attitudes.


Football is a nice game which benefits a player in various aspects like physically, mentally, socially, intellectually and financially. It helps a player to make a unique reputation in the society on national and international level. Kids and children should be promoted to play football at home and schools as well to get fit physically and mentally.

Football Match

Essay No. 01

Every year different sorts of games are played in our college/school on sports day. Out of these, Football Match is my favorite game. It was on Wednesday when football match was played between our college team and public college team. It was an interesting match. It was played in our ground. It was a fine sunny afternoon. A large crowed from far and near and near had gathered to see the match. Shri Mohan Singh blew the whistle. Both teams entered the field. All the players were in their people uniforms. They looked smart. The sides were decided by means of a toss. The players took their positions. The ball was placed in the centre. The reference whistled and the match started.

Both the teams were equally strong. The ball began to roll here and there. The players began to dash. Our team pressed the opponents hard, but their goal keeper was very expert. He made difficult saver. Once our team got a chance. It was a very anxious moment for our rival team, but their goal keeper saved the situation. After half time the play started again.

            Both the teams were equally strong. The ball began to troll here and there. The players began to dash. Our team pressed the opponents hard, but their goal keeper was very expert. He wade difficult saver. Once our team got a chance. It was a very anxious moment for our rival team, but their goal keeper saved the situation. After half time the play started again. Both the teams began to press each other. The centre forward of our short hard right into the net. That was the only goal scored. Thus our team won the match. The other teams though the better one, lost by a narrow margin of one goal to nil. The match was over at 5:20 p.m.

Essay No. 2

A Football Match

A football match was played between St. John’s College and Government college, Agra. It was the final match of the inter – college tournament of the year. The two teams were well- known for their game.

The match began punctually at 4 p.m. in the sunny weather. For the first ten minutes the two teams were evenly balanced. The ball remained mostly in the central area of the field. The Government College team began to press their opponents slowly. Their two forward players made great efforts to take the ball to opponent’s side but the St. john’s College backs put up a mighty defence. Thus the game grew more exciting. The spectators. Cheered and clapped loudly at every fine kick the player gave.

Neither side was able to score any goal till half time. People began to think that the match  might end in a draw that day, but that was not to be. When the game was resumed after half time the Government College team changed tactics. Its captain made some changes in the position of the players on the fields. Now the game became very contested. The forwards of both teams made great attacks while backs strained every nerve to drive them away. At about 4.45 p.m. the captain of the Government College team gave a mighty kick and the centre forward received it and ran forward. The players of the other side surrounded him but he very skillfully carried the ball into the semi- circle and managed to give a splendid kick. The ball fell straight into the net, though the goal- keeper did his best to catch it.

Immediately shouts of joy went up into the air. The Government College team had scored a fine goal. And now the other team doubled their efforts to avert the defeat. During the last ten minutes the game was very brisk and excited. But till 5 p.m. neither side could score any other goal. Now we all thought that the final match was going to be won by the Government.

The St. John’s players did not lose hope till the last. Their courage and patience was ultimately rewarded. Their captain, a tall , healthy fellow, got hold of the ball and with a strong kick drove it into the opponent’s net. The crowd went wild with shouts. It was 5.7 p.m. and three minutes later, the umpire gave ten more minutes to play.      

During these ten minutes the St. John’s players played with courage and skill. They pressed  the other team hard and within the next five minutes succeeded in scoring another goal. This proved to be a decisive goal. The government College players failed to score.

As the clock struck 5.20 p.m. the match  was over. The Government college captain and congratulated him on the victory his side had won.


Essay No. 03

A Football Match

Football is one of the most popular games in the world, though in India, cricket is more popular. It is perhaps because of this craze for cricket that India lags behind in football, although she has demonstrated a number of times that she can to be a big nation in all kinds of sports only if a little more enthusiasm for this game is shown by the Indian government and people.

Last week, a District Schools football tournament was organised by our District Godavari Club. The tournament was held in the playground of the local government school. The inaugural match was played between our school team and the local Spring Dale Public School team. Mr. Amandeep was the Captain of our school football team.

The match started at almost 11.30 am. It started two hours behind schedule because of rain.

It was a closely contested match. It seemed to be a no-win match for either team. Till the end of the first half, both the teams were goalless.

However, our school boys upped the momentum in the second half and managed to pierce the rival defence in 45th minute. There was a wave of rejoicing in our school team and our school students who were witnessing the match.

Then, there was suddenly a note of dismay when in the 47th minute, the rival team also scored a goal.

It appeared that the match would end in a draw. However, Rajat of our school team scored the second goal in the tie-breaker and this is how our school team won the match.  


Essay No. 04


World Cup Football-2006

The biggest sporting tournament of the world, the 18th FIFA (Federation International de Football Association) Football World Cup 2006, was declared open by the German President, Horst Koehler in Munich (Germany) on June 9, 2006. The spectacular event was witnessed by a 60,000 strong audience in the Allianz Arena of Munich as well as by hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide on the television. For the first time in the history of the mega event, every living member of the past World Cup winning teams was present at the opening ceremony. More than 100 former players took part in a parade during the event. The tournament was played from June 9 to July 9, 2006.

In the final of the tournament played between Italy and France, in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin (Germany), on July 9, 2006, Italy defeated France (5-3) in a penalty shootout to win the trophy. This was the fourth World Cup victory for Italy, the previous ones being in 1934, 1938 and 1982. Only Brazil with five wins, have more World Cup victories than Italy. The tournament once again proved that European teams dominate on European soil, while South American teams dominate on non-European soil, a law broken only once with Brazil’s win at the 1958 FIFA World Cup in Sweden.

The World Cup 2006 also marked the return of the dominance of the original superpowers of the game, and proved that the Korea-Japan World Cup 2002 was nothing but an aberration as two of the last World Cup’s four semifinalists—Turkey and South Korea could not even make it to the second round.

Italy beat France 5-3 on penalties in the World Cup final after the two teams finished level at 1-1 after extra time in a dramatic encounter in which French playmaker Zinedine Zidane was sent off. It was only the second shootout at a World Cup final. Brazil beat Italy on penalties after a 0-0 draw in 1994. Germany took third place beating Portugal 3-1 on two sensational goals by Bastians Schweinsteiger. He also set up the third, when his free kick was deflected in for an own-goal by Portugal’s Armando Petit.

Over 30 days of excitement and thrill saw 32 teams playing in 64 matches. A sum total of 147 goals were scored in the 64 matches with an average of 2.3 goals per match in this edition of the World Cup while 161 goals, at an average of 2.52 goals per match, were scored in the 2002 edition. Miroslav Klose of Germany, with five goals to his credit, was the top scorer in the tournament for which he was awarded the ‘Golden Shoe’ award.

In 2010 the FIFA World Cup will be hosted by South Africa. Matches for the 2010 tournament will be staged in 10 stadiums, in nine South African Cities.  (474 Words )

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