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Will Computers Replace Teachers Essay

  • Teacher cannot replace the teachers

    Computer can make our eyes damage but the teacher cannot a teacher have emotion but a computer does not have any kind of feeling.If some times there is a personal isseus than teacher can solve but computer cannot . So computer cant take the place of humans and the teachers

  • Yes they can

    I think this because teachers are the worst humans on the planate earth . Every student hates them althoug they say they are the second mothers at school the assessments they make are so hard i wonder why these schools are even made . To kill children well thats what i think

  • I disagree that teachers can be replaced by computers

    Teachers share their knowledge by sharing it with students.Some queries cannot be solved by the computers.It has to be solved by the teacher. Teachers take class tests frequently which helps students to understand the topic in better way.Teachers take care of mental and physical health of the body and help us to remain conscious in class.So teachers can never be replaced by any computers or virtual classes.

  • I disagree with it

    I disagree with it I think that teachers are our second parents. Teachers can share their knowledge with us. They mind our mistake at every step of our life. They can solve all our problems. They can feel our emotions,our feelings. Machine can't understand humans. They only gave solutions. So the role of teachers in our life is very important.

  • Teachers are not, and cannot be automatons handing out information to students. They are leaders, guides, facilitators, and mentors.

    There is an onslaught of technology on the modern classroom. Teachers, administrators, parents, and students alike are being told that technology is the whetstone with which we can all sharpen our education system. Technology can open doors, expand minds, and change the world.
    That may be true, but it's not the panacea that it's been made out to be. As much innovation as the iPod may bring to the classroom, it's not going to replace a teacher anytime soon. In fact, the influx of technology like iPads means there is a greater need for teachers. We need teachers who are part early adopter, part integrator, and part mad scientist. The modern teacher must be willing to take chances and able to figure out how not just how technology works, but how it works for each student, and where its use is most appropriate.
    Personalized tech-infused learning is the future of education. We started Endodermic to share the best education technology resources. Now it's no longer good enough to just share resources.
    Teachers are not, and cannot be automatons handing out information to students. They are leaders, guides, facilitators, and mentors. They encourage students when they struggle, and inspire them to set and reach for their goals. They are role models, leading by example and giving direction when necessary. A computer can give information, but a teacher can lend a hand, or an ear, and discern what's necessary for a student to succeed, and to want to succeed.
    So yes, technology is going to play a critical role in the future of education. But not as big a role as that of a teacher.

  • It can't replace

    Because the teacher comes first to teach you everything she/he knows but computers are just there to help just a little
    also teachers can understand students feelings but a computer cannot know how you feel cause it's a machine.
    Also computers were never there they were invented by human beings

  • It is not fair

    When teacher are replaced with computers many things may happen like the working will be less and most of the pepole will just sleep in thier houses without working and the greedness will be in evrey place and most of the pepole will not find any work and will be without money

  • Here are some things that a teacher can do

    Here are some things that a teacher can do, but computers can't. Computers can't go to a student and explain something a different way if they still don't get it. I take online courses and most people at my school do. I have talked to many and they all say they would rather have face-to-face classes. Many also say they use the book and notes when taking tests, although they're not supposed to a computer doesn't have a degree in teaching. A bunch of people would lose their jobs and they wouldn't be able to make money to support themselves and/or their family. Not only that but the education of the students would most likely go down. A computer cannot keep order in a classroom so what would keep the students behaving? A lot of people need extra help as well and a computer can't do that. A computer would not be able to answer every question that a student might ask. Some students are visual learners while some are audio and a computer wouldn't be fit.

  • When we go to school teachers are like our parents

    Computers can not be never,ever replaced with teachers ,if someone says so its crazy.Teachers may scold us but they do it for our own good,to make us a good citizen. They never hate us.Even by scolding they are trying to teach us about knowlege and about the life Remember that humans build the computer,so what i'am trying to say is that teachers can be never replaced with computers

  • I disagree with it

    I think that teachers are our second parents. Teachers can share their knowledge with us. They mind our mistake at every step of our life. They can solve all our problems. They can feel our emotions,our feelings. Machine can't understand humans. They only gave solutions. So the role of teachers in our life is very important.

  • The debate

    Over the last decade, the number of people taking online courses and therefore using technology as a tool to enhance their education has increased dramatically. You can now master a foreign language or complete a whole degree without leaving the comfort of your sofa. You can decide not only when you want to learn but also how you want to learn. Meanwhile, the range of technology used inside the classroom has also boomed, with the rise of smartboards, digital textbooks and, most notably, the tools offered on the Internet. But what does this continuing growth in education technology mean for teachers?

    While many teachers are excited by technology and interested in the ways in which they can use it to enhance their teaching, others are concerned by its rapid development and wonder whether they themselves could eventually be replaced. At Kognity, this is a question we are frequently asked and recently one of my colleagues brought to my attention an article in the Guardian about just that: Can technology replace teachers? As an employee of an “Edtech” company, I often think about this question, and reading the Guardian article made me reflect on my own teaching experiences and wonder whether teaching and technology are mutually exclusive.


    What does technology do for us?

    Walking into a classroom in Thailand for the first time with 50 students staring at me while I realised I only had myself and a chalkboard to keep them engaged was intimidating. Think about having no access to a computer, no videos, no projector, not being able to make copies, having to enter all your students grades by hand … The list goes on. In a geography lesson, we can now transport students to explore another country, while in an English class we can take them back in time to experience Shakespeare’s plays as they were performed during his lifetime. Students are able to watch videos at home that explain how to use algebra or allow them to see first-hand the life cycle of a plant. Technology doesn’t discriminate based on a student’s ability or skill, but instead provides an opportunity to engage students using a medium that they recognise. Lest we forget, technology is growing not just within our classrooms but also in our everyday lives, so it is therefore natural that we should increasingly incorporate it into classrooms.

    Great technology requires great teachers!

    Crucially, as the Guardian article points out, the use of technology in the classroom doesn’t lessen the need for great teachers. In fact, it is great teachers who make using technology so significant in students’ education. Whilst technology is able to take on a whole host of tasks, it does have its shortcomings – most prominently its inability to interact with humans. Technology can therefore facilitate the learning process but it cannot replace the role of the teacher.  As Vivienne Collinson points out in a study for the College of Education at Michigan State University, “Computers do not teach children to question, to discriminate among sources of information, to weigh perspectives, to think about consequences, to bring contextual meaning to a situation, to be creative, or to make careful judgments.” Teachers impart students with life skills, valuable life lessons and inspire them to reach their potential. A teacher is so much more than a facilitator: they are also a guide and a mentor. Without a great teacher, technology merely becomes an automated tool and stops inspiring and engaging students. Ultimately, it isn’t about teachers being replaced by technology but how teachers can adapt to incorporate technology in their lessons.

    The question of whether technology will replace teachers is an age-old debate and one that is likely to continue as technology evolves further. In the same way that the calculator didn’t replace maths teachers, technology will continue aiding teachers to educate well-rounded and engaged students. At Kognity, we realise that promoting the use of technology in the classroom is only possible by coordinating effectively with teachers. As our CEO, Hugo Wernhoff, notes, “We’re not only in it to offer flexibility in time and place for students, or lower costs for providers. Our main ambition is instead to deliver better learning.” Technology can only assist in delivering better learning when it is used by a great teacher. Teachers’ roles within the classroom will inevitably change as the resources at their disposal develop. However, as many before have noted, students will always benefit from the guidance and instruction from a teacher at the front of a classroom.

     What do you think about the changing role of teachers in the classroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Author: Abigail Bryant

    Abi is Head of Support at Kognity, where she works closely with teachers and students getting them set up and ensuring their experience with Kognity is a great one. Previously she worked as an English teacher working with International Schools in South East Asia.