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Cumann Na Ngaedheal Essay Outline

Ireland 1912-1949 New Sample Essays Added

Posted onMay 30, 2012byLeaving Cert History

Three new sample essays have been added to the Ireland 1912-1949 Pursuit of Sovereignty section. The new sample essays are –

1. How successful were Cumann na nGaedheals economic policies?

2. How well did Ireland, North and South deal with the social and economic problems of World War Two?

3. What steps did Irish Governments take to consolidate democracy, 1923-1945?

The new sample essays can be found here –
Sample Essays

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Link to a podcast from the History Show on Near FM where Dr. Conor McCabe of UCD discusses the Irish economy since independence.

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From Free State to the Second World War

Article entitled ‘From Free State to the Second World War’ covering the period from 1922-1939. Archive video footage is embedded in the article and can be accessed by clicking on the links in the article.

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Two 10 minute sections from RTE’s Seven Ages dealing with the first decade of the Free State

The first four minutes of the first video deals with the end of the Civil War

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