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York History Phd Dissertations

NYU dissertations completed before 2007 are available in both print and microform at Bobst.

Bobst Library does not keep copies of any dissertations from the following programs:

  • The Medical School and the Dental School maintain separate collections of their own dissertations
  • Master's theses are not kept by Bobst Library. Check with the corresponding department or school to explore whether such theses are held.

Bound copies of dissertations are held offsite and must be requested through the catalog for delivery to the library.

Call number ranges for NYU dissertations (Dissertations from Tisch and Courant are under GSAS):

  • LD 3907 .E3 - School of Education
  • LD 3907 .G5 - Wagner School of Public Administration
  • LD 3907 .G6 - Stern School of Business
  • LD 3907 .G7 - Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS)
  • LD 3907 .S3 - School of Social Work

Dissertations published before 2008 at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Wagner School of Public Administration, Stern School of Business, Silver School of Social Work, and Steinhardt School of Education are available on microform. Microform copies are located in the Microforms Center on LL2 of Bobst Library. These are arranged chronologically by school. Some of the older rolls of film contain more than one dissertation. These copies are each given a thesis number in chronological, alphabetical order. The thesis numbers are listed on each roll, corresponding to the cataloged location in BobCat.

Using BobCat to Find NYU Dissertations

If you already know the author or the title of the dissertation, you can search BobCat with that information to locate our copy and either recall it from offsite storage or find it in the Microforms Center. For those wishing to search BobCat for dissertations on certain subjects, perform an Advanced Search using the words "Dissertation" AND "[desired subject]."

Please note: NYU dissertations in the Proquest Dissertations & Global Theses database are indexed in BobCat regardless of whether or not they have been embargoed. Just because a dissertation record appears in BobCat does not mean that it is available in full-text. 

ConvenorMiles Taylor

Module type: MA Core

Module code: HIS00087M

This module gives students the chance to work at an advanced level as independent scholars. Most taught modules are assessed by essays that require independent research. The research dissertation (independent study module) develops these skills further, and applies practices introduced by the skills module. It is the culmination of the MA, and is heavily weighted in terms of assessment.

Typically, students discuss a preliminary idea with their MA convener in the Autumn Term and conduct pilot secondary literature search to scope the project. At the end of the Spring Term they submit a 500-word dissertation proposal. Substantive work on the dissertation commences once the taught programme has been completed, supported by a dissertation adviser allocated by the department. This will normally involve a period of advanced ‘secondary’ research leading to a literature survey, and ‘primary’ research using documents and leading to the writing of specialist chapters, or sections. The finished dissertation has a maximum word limit of 20,000 words, and uses standard academic conventions

Students are undertaking an independently researched project, not a taught module. They will continue, however, to have support, advice, and feedback from their dissertation advisor as they work to produce their dissertation. They will have meetings with their advisor in the Summer Term and Summer Vacation to discuss the feasibility of the project, and to provide feedback on a draft chapter. Students will also attend the graduate workshop at which they will present on their dissertation.


For more information, please visit the module catalogue.